Trofeo is a Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna classic. A byword for excellence, this is a staple of the Couture collection. Strength, softness and resiliency are the main characteristics of Trofeo (100% wool), a worsted fabric made of prestige Australian Superfine merino wool with long fibers. The long fleece fibres that make up wool help to keep it naturally resilient: perfect for creating durable suits. The longer the wool fibre, the higher the quality and the more naturally resilient. Compared with cotton, wool can store up to 30% of its weight without becoming damp. Its ability to absorb moisture – and to breathe – is welcome when the pressure is on. Sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, wool intuitively adapts to its surroundings.- ZEGNA TROFEO
Traveller 4 Seasons is an easily wearable fabric is presented in a more prestige version in Superfine pure wool with diagonal weaves. The yarn has been twisted to produce a crispier drape and provides excellent crease resistance, making it perfect for travel or long work days. Simply hang the garment and it’ll recover its shape. Traveller Silk is a blend of Australian Superfine wool and silk, this collection’s crisp feel and clean aspects make it an ideal fabric for those on the move and yet always want to be elegant while comfortable. Using the same high-twist yarns of the Traveller collection, the added silk provides a sheen and glimmer beyond pure wool.- ZEGNA TRAVELLER
Ermenegildo Zegna challenged its mill, Lanificio Zegna, to create a luxury fabric that could travel well. A fabric that was resilient but also lightweight. A fabric for a type of person it knew well: the man who doesn’t compromise on style and demands elegance at all times. A vision that no one had but Zegna himself. In 1985, High Performance was born. A wonderful, woolen fabric that was machine washable and soft to the touch. A fabric that was lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and held its shape. A fabric that broke new grounds and reinvented wool as a summer fabric. A fabric we call High Performance.- ZEGNA HIGH PERFORMANCE

Branding Story



The very heartbeat of the business. It’s where the story began and continues to this day at its founding homestead HQ in the picturesque commune of Trivero in the Piedmont region of Italy. Upon arriving in Trivero to begin my journey of discovery at the Zegna Woolmill, the first thing to surprise me was how peaceful and far-removed from what I imagined a manufacturing plant that produces around 2.3 million metres of luxury fine fabrics a year – making it one of the biggest players in weaving worldwide – should be.


Zegna is one of the very few luxury brands in the world that specialises in menswear, manufacturing some 600,000 sleeve-unit suits every year for both its own-label tailoring as well as the likes of Gucci and Tom Ford. At the very top end of the manufacturing output is the ‘Made To Measure’ service. Having turned the wool into cloth, the bales of material are sent to the artisanal suit factory at Stabio, on the Swiss side of the Italian border, where the cloth becomes a suit.


Ermenegildo Zegna’s ‘Su Misura’ suits are made to measure and orderable in all Ermenegildo Zegna stores. They cost slightly more than regular Ermenegildo Zegna suits, but the service provides clients with a custom-ordered suit detailed to his own specifications.

The unmistakable style of Zegna made to measure is extremely tailored, with a silhouette that echoes the natural Neapolitan tailoring and is characterised by precious details. Zegna is able to deliver fully customised items within four to five weeks, and requires only two fittings.